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70+ Kid-Friendly Christmas Activities (Have a Beautiful and Affordable DIY December)

If you type Kid-Friendly Christmas DIY into Pinterest you’ll come up with a never-ending list of crafts and activities. A lot of these things to do are VERY obvious a kid made them, and others look like that crafty Pinterest-Mom did all the work (after spending $$$ on the supplies).

To narrow down the list, I had a few requirements:

  • small supply list (my dream list is paper, pencil, scissors, glue; maybe a printer, and one or two extra supplies)
  • kid-doable (could my 4th grader do it without help?)
  • something you may actually want in your house (NOT total kitsch)
  • reasonable time to make (ideally 20 minutes or less once supplies are gathered)
  • not super messy (I don’t need more to clean in December!)
  • limited religious tie-ins (this list is for everyone)

I’ve split these child-doable, mom’s sanity friendly activities into several categories. Scroll down to check out my ever-growing list of ornaments, cards, gifts, decor, and other activities to get your craft on all December long!

1-24: Kid-friendly, Upscale DIY Ornaments

Who doesn’t love a kid-made ornament? Unless of course you hate kitsch.

While there’s little denying these ornaments are hand made, these embrace the third dimension and aim for a more polished look that all but the most Emily Gilmore-like relative will be happy to display on their tree.

25-28: Hand Made Gifts for Family, Friends, and Teachers

I think most Advent Calendar activities should be something for kids to keep, but why not work in something hand-made for teacher, or maybe a favourite aunt or cousin?

These crafts could also be something for the kids to keep, or create duplicates so they can match!

29-34: Cute and Easy Christmas Cards Your Kids Can Make

There are SO MANY hand-made Christmas card ideas out there. These ones focus on preserving the little hands and fingers of the tiny people in our lives.

I get so many home-made items from my little people, I’ll often take a photo and toss the original, but I keep every single piece of artwork that contains their hands. I just can’t bring myself to toss them!

35-46: Child-Friendly, Uncluttered Christmas Table Decorations

Magazine worthy tables aren’t something I grew up with, or find terribly practical. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something special. These simple crafts can keep the kids busy during the last few hectic days leading up to the big event, or can be done earlier in the month and tucked away in a closet to come out as the table is being set.

47-61: Irresistibly Easy and Fun Christmas Crafts

My kids don’t part with crafts easily, so I generally try to avoid ideas that don’t have a place or way to limit its life in our space.

Christmas is already so overwhelmingly filled with STUFF, try these crafts that won’t take over your house but will fill an hour of the kids’ time!

62-70: Family-Friendly Holiday Activities

Mix things up beyond just crafts this Christmas. Try some of these activities that will inspire more bonding moments.

Crafty Advent Calendars

If gathering supplies every day is too daunting, check out these creative advent calendars that do the work for you!

Did I miss your favourite activity? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!

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